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Lyons Institute – The leading providers of top-quality Structural Integration online courses. Our course packages include a comprehensive introduction to various therapies, structural integration techniques, lectures, graphical representations and more. We offer both online and DVD courses at competitive prices. Master the skills of Rolfing using our instructional video courses with precise details.
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Online Courses of Craniosacral Biodynamics – How Should You Choose

Magnificent, as it may seem, but the coursework isn’t a cakewalk for everyone. A large variety of training courses in Structural Integration and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy are available. Moreover, aspiring students who wish to make a career in the health
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Myofascial Therapy – best way to treat skeletal muscle immobility

Whenever, we come across any kind of trouble or pain physically, people prefer to go with the medicines. Always opting for a drug is not considered an ideal solution. Today, there are many natural and drug free ways that can be implemented to cure different problems
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Cranial Sacral Therapy – learn everything online from home today

You will not find many good online courses provider dealing with high end medical technologies and science. There are few good players who are able to provide you with the right kind of material for the studying and understanding the concept. If you are looking for
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5 Things You Should Know Before Joining A Course On Craniosacral Therapy

They say the best things come in small packages. Now, if you’re privy to the above proverb, you must have certain learning experiences too. Fortunately, t
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Courses On Cranial Sacral Therapy: Top Options Before Aspirants

Learning is a never-ending procedure, and people those who believe in it would strive to achieve the best education in their life. Such is the popularity of the health and wellness industry these days, aspirants c
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Rolfing Courses: Why It Leads To A Flourishing Career In The Future

Rolfing – The manipulation of myofascial tissues and alignment with gravity to attain a better balance in the body. It was invented by Ida Rolf during the 1940s. Since then the argument over its “effectiveness&rdq
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