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Teamwork and Team Leadership

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Teamwork and Team Leadership

Implies working cooperatively with others, being a part of a team, and assuming the role of leader of a team. In the organizations, people work not only with their own teams but also with teams and groups across and outside the organization. Therefore they need to work together effectively with interdependent goals and common values and norms to foster a collaborative environment and drive teams in the same direction.

 Level 1

  • Initiates collaboration with others and spontaneously assists others in the delivery of their work.
  • Shares all relevant information with others and seeks others’ input
  • Expresses own opinion while remaining factual and respectful

Level 2

  • Supports others in taking independent action.
  • Resolves issues that occur with minimal direction.
  • Invites and builds upon the ideas of others.
  • Assumes additional responsibilities to facilitate the achievement of team goals.

Level 3

  • Assumes accountability for work delegated to others (peers, team members, experts, etc.).
  • Seeks to work with teams with complementary skills/expertise.
  • Encourages people with opposing viewpoints to express their concerns.
  • Resolves conflict among team members sensitively and fairly.

Level 4

  • Provides clear direction and priorities to teams.
  • Delegates responsibility to individuals to make them accountable for successful execution.
  • Organises teamwork to encourage co-operation and bring together complementary skills/expertise.
  • Credits individual contributions and acknowledges team accomplishments.
  • Facilitates the discussion and resolutions of conflicts or diasagreements.
  • Encourages and values teams’ input.

Level 5

  • Makes team assignments within and outside of the division to facilitate horizontal work.
  • Delegates authority to match responsibility, and holds staff accountable for agreed upon commitments.
  • Appropriately involves others in decisions and plans that affect them.
  • Promotes group morale and productivity by being clear about output and expectations.
  • Sees arising conflict and takes action at division or organisation level.


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Competency Framework (2014).


  • Teamwork and Team Leadership
    • Initiate collaboration with others
    • Facilitate the achievement of team goals
    • Resolve conflict sensitively and fairly
    • Bring together complementary skills and expertise
    • Delegate and hold staff accountable
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