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Analytical Thinking

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Analytical Thinking

Is the ability to identify patters across situations that are not obviously related, and to identify key or underlying issues in complex situations.

Level 1

  • Distinguishes between critical and irrelevant pieces of information.
  • Gathers information from a variety of sources to reach a conclusion.

Level 2

  • Identifies critical connections and patterns in information/data
  • Soundly analyses verbal and numerical data
  • Recognises causes and consequences of actions and events that are not readily apparent
  • Anticipates and thinks ahead about next steps

Level 3

  • Independently engages in tasks requiring interpretation of complex and often vague sets of information.
  • Identifies gaps in information and makes assumptions in order to continue analysis and/or take action.
  • Seeks a wide range of sources of information.

Level 4

  • Develops conceptual frameworks that guide analysis.
  • Draws sound conclusions based upon a mixture of analysis and experience.

Level 5

  • Is sought out by others for advice and solutions on how to best interpret and use information.
  • Discerns the level of pressure or influence to apply in each aspect of the analysis in relation to the broader context. 


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Competency Framework (2014).


  • Analytical Thinking
    • Distinguish between critical and irrelevant information
    • Identify patterns in data
    • Engage in the interpretation of complex sets of information
    • Develop conceptual frameworks to guide analysis
    • Be sought out by others for the interpretation of data
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